Game Tips for Men

As a men you are always in a difficult situation and position in your hunt for the perfect woman. Why? Well because the girls expect from men that they do all the game action and make the opening action, while the girls only give you hints. So you definitely need some game tips if you want to succeed!

Game Tips

  • be confident no matter what happens
  • take a viagra pill or sex pill before you go out. This will make you more horny and the girls will see and feel this.
  • look for hints from a girl ( touching hair, eye winks, look at you, smile at you) and when you see this don’t hesitate and approach
  • don’t worry about your opening… you can be funny ofcourse or have some really good opener, but is she showed some kind of interest when you come to her a simple confident “Hi my name is Mark, how is your evening going” will not be superb, but will do 100%. You don’t need to be a clown, but girls want you to be confident and act like a man.
  • If you feel see is interested, invite her for a drink or to your table.
  • be ready to be rejected and this is normal and part of the game.

If you don’t want to do game, then perhaps sex dating is a good option as here you can via an online platform find guys or girls also searching for sex and it will be much easier.