Women are Stupid

Well this may sound cruel or one sided, the honest truth is it is truth. It isn’t an opinion from just somebody, it is a fact and proven every day, every hour and every second again and again women are stupid and not just a little bit.

yes it is sad, but it is the reality… let me explain.

Why women are stupid?

Why do you think women are unhappy in their lives?
Why women are always choosing wrong boyfriends/husbands?
Why women get beaten inside of their relationships and marriages?
Why women always stay with boyfriends who are bad for them?
Why women fall for ugly men?
Why women fall for drunk men?
The list goes on and on… and I could continue for days, but I am sure you get the point.

Why are women stupid? Well because they never take any initiative and they never choose the man they actually want. They just let it happen to them and they choose the “wanker” which simply puts enough time in it and then the girl eventually says yes to him. Why? because she is stupid… again!

Why girls never take the situation into their own hands? Why women simply don’t choose the men they like, but always expect the man to choose the women. We see what it leads them to be… unhappy and nothing.

Probably it is because they are stupid as far into their genes, which made them to be afraid, not take any initiative and simply wait for any man to pass by and if it is more or less acceptable then go for it. Of course the man is showing only his good side and she is stupid enough not to even see his bad side, like a woman who falls for a cheap sex date 🙂


Every time I am in a relationship with a women I see how stupid she actually is. We can only hope one day women will value quality, will show initiative and will actually go and look for a man which they truly like and deserve instead of passively waiting for a man to come to her and then accept it. This is the start of all failure, which has been proven for thousands of years, so why continue this way down.. and not try something new?

To be continued…

Maybe women should take some Female Viagra so they are more horny and will finally chose the man they dream of?

PS. 🙂